Eloise's Nursery Tour

Monday, January 23, 2017
During my entire first trimester, we were convinced Eloise was a boy. We would've put money on it, kind of convinced! At 21 weeks, when we were told by our ultrasound technician that it was definitely a girl, Jordan and I were quiet and in shock. So quiet that I actually turned to her and said, "I promise we're excited! We were just convinced it was a boy!" Thankfully, she found that funny.

Because I was so certain she was a boy, I had the entire nursery planned out....for a boy! I even had paint swatches sitting in the nursery. The walls were going to be navy or dark grey and it was going to be a camping sort of feel with string lights, a tee-pee, stars on the ceiling...the works.

So, pink was hard. I mean really hard! And this is coming from a woman who loves pink. 

I want to switch out the curtains for something more colorful (but am being super picky) and will decorate her name above her crib a little more, but for now, here is what I have managed to put together!

Add me on Snapchat to see a video tour: kelseyyycase

Items and Where to Buy Them:
Tassel pillow | Fur rug | Crib | Chair | Basket | Silver table (on sale at Hobby Lobby. Originally blue - spray painted silver) | Dresser | Knobs on dresser | Knobs on closet doors | House Kleenex holder | Pink flamingo | Pink fox | Lamp | Curtains (TJ Maxx)
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