A rollercoaster of up's and down's

Monday, June 30, 2014
I'm back! After taking a month vacation from blogging to finish up this wedding, learn my new full time job, and all the chaos in between, I'm finally here to stay!

First, HAPPY WEDDING WEEK TO US! About time huh? After a year and a half of being engaged and planning for this big day, it's finally here.

To start the week out pretty cool, I got an email today from Pregnancy & Newborn magazine telling me they featured my printables from my Etsy shop in this months magazine. They had asked if they could feature me months ago but I didn't want to tell many until it was actually published but now it is!

Besides the excitement of the wedding, the rest of this week didn't start out very well. Jordan's Grandma Mae passed away this weekend so we are currently up in Iowa for the funeral. She was such an amazing woman and I'm so glad that I got to enjoy her company and get to know her over the last 7 years. Even though it was a tough and sad weekend, we are happy that she is finally no longer in pain and with her husband again after 5 years. Mae - we hope your enjoying all the sugar you can eat and dancing with Vernon in Heaven. We love you so much and will see you again!

Hug your loved ones tight tonight and we will try to keep our chins up and enjoy this week the best way we know how - with lots of family and friends and lots of beer! :) 
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