Merry Christmas from the Lindamans!

Monday, December 28, 2015
I've been a little MIA when it comes to posting lately.  I don't really have a good excuse as to why. At least I'm admitting it! ;) Besides the normal Christmas shenanigans, we haven't been doing too much. We have done a little more in the bedroom and have put up a few more decorations, but as far as major changes go, we decided to wait until after Christmas.

The past few days were spent in Iowa celebrating Christmas with family. After enjoying 70 degree days here in Arkansas, we found it to be a little too cold for our liking! None the less, we pushed through because after all, we got to see our family! It went by too quickly!

The drive there was long. We left the house at 5am so we could get there about 2pm and this girl wasn't having it in the back seat. No matter how hard we tried, she'd sneak to the front but we were ok with that. After all, cuddling with her is by far one of the best things ever.

After 9 hours on the road, we finally made it to chilly Iowa. Our first stop? No. Not to see family... PANCHERO'S! ;) Priorities, y'all!

After stuffing our faces with burritos and queso, my father-in-law pulled out a big tote that was full of things from Jordan's childhood. I had a blast going through this! He was something else, I tell ya! But, in that deep pile of crazy, the picture on the top was this (above). Jordan and I at our senior prom; when Jordan had Bieber hair and my boobs hadn't come in yet. We had been dating about 6 months when this was taken. Who would've known that would become forever?! Not me!

To be honest, that first afternoon in Iowa was by far our calmest of the four days. That night we celebrated Christmas with my in-laws, the next day was with the McGregor's, the following day was Santa with the Lindaman's and then Christmas with the Gifford's and on the last day we had Christmas with the Case's. 

We didn't sit down for four straight days! On top of that, Jordan and I started to feel a little sick to our stomachs. I think it had to do with the following...
1. we weren't sleeping well
2. we were out of our environment (we missed that 70 degree sunshine!) 
3. we were constantly driving and on the move from one place to another
4. we ate a lot of sweets. I mean, a lot!

Our truck was our second home for those four days. One thing I don't think some will ever understand, is how exhausting Christmas is for those who have to travel more than a few hours. It's worth every second but I could sleep for day's right now!

This was take 1569465 of throwing snow in the air!

Jordan sharing in the excitement of Santa gifts. A few minutes after this picture was taken, these three disappeared to the basement to play with the presents. 

This picture cracks me up! 
Baby Alza: "Oop's, maybe no one will notice I puked on the dog!"

She loved the snow. She did not love the fact that I made her stop playing to take a picture...

We got home last night, picked up some take out, popped in a move we won in an Elephant Gift Exchange, covered up with a blanket we got for Christmas and legitimately sat down for the first time in days. It felt amazing, and I have to say, by the time we went to bed, it didn't take us long to pass out and go into a deep snore kind of sleep.

Now we will just count down the days until we get to see our family again and actually sit down and enjoy each other's company! Miss and love you all already!

Hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas as we did!!!

It's beginning to look a lot like....a home!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015
We're two weeks into being home owners and have already taken out a wall, ceiling in three rooms, put in a new ceiling in the master, painted the master, put in new can lights in the living room, rewired some of the house, and almost put everything away.

Thanks to my father-in-law who came down for two weeks to help us out, we managed to get all of this done in record timing. I'm in shock with how much we have already done and can't wait to trek on with home improvements.

After! But not yet decorated.


After. But not yet painted. The trim and doors will be painted a creamy white. We may also paint in between the ceiling beams white but keep the beams wood. Ah! Decisions, decisions.

After a week and a half of non-stop construction, the rest of Jordan's family made it down. We got to pause the fixing and soak in the family. There was a lot of card games, a lot of laughs, a lot of Black Friday shopping (my first and last time!) and lots of cuddles. My nephew, Broden, and Josie became quick BFF's!

By the way, Black Friday shopping in Mountain Home is insane. I think it's because all we have is Walmart but none the less, those shoppers are mighty crazy! After making our way through a busy isle, we got stuck near the electronics trying to get over to the toys. It was packed with people. We were at a standstill. Behind me was a woman who decided the best way to get me moving in a wave of people was to slam me in the back with her cart multiple times! This was my living hell. HA!!

Also, can we point out how sad my Thanksgiving get-up was...Thank God my in-laws are laid back.

Lakin is a fantastic and very proud big brother! 

For now, I'm going to relax for the night, miss all the baby Alza cuddles I got over the weekend and enjoy the calmness around this house until the chaos of construction begins again.

Have a wonderful week!

Sooo....we're home owners now!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
It's been a while since I've had a moment to sit down and post. Why? Well, work is one thing, packing is another and buying a house is something we just did for the first time.

Yes! We are officially home owners!

We're now grown ups, as my sister-in-law likes to remind me. ;)

This past weekend we signed all the papers (they don't prepare you for the amount of papers you have to sign!), we moved, we cleaned and now we are already starting a little demolition.

So, as this process continues (which is will continue for a long while), I will be posting before and after pictures of the many projects.

To is a rough draft of our floorplan as it is now and as we'd like it down the line. Of course, it may change as time goes on and as small problems occur but for now, we're dreamers!


Down the line! (Will most likely change as time goes on...)

For starters? My father-in-law came down and is staying with us for a few weeks to get get some stuff done around the house. Last night we tore out the wall blocking the back door to the kitchen. Man, that opened it up. I couldn't get Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces out of my head!

Eventually, we will move the laundry into our master suite (when we get that done) and will completely gut the kitchen. For now, we decided to open it up.

Before: With wall between laundry and kitchen....

After: More room for activities! ;)

This girl was feeling a little left out.

Here is when we found out that the exposed wood beams in the living room went throughout the house. So, of course we decided to start tearing down the ceiling as well to expose those beautiful beams!

On to a lot of demolition, a lot of cleaning, a few headaches and a whole bunch of booze! Can't wait to keep you all updated on what we do next. :)

To my parents and siblings - thank you for moving us out of that NASTY rental and being excited with us for this new adventure. And to both of our families, here's to many weekends remodeling, updating and watching this house slowly change. We wouldn't force  want anyone else to help us with this but you! ;) We love you!!!

Have a WONDERFUL week!

P.S. I will be posting a lot of home photos on Instagram almost daily. If you want to keep up more there, follow me @kelseylindaman :)

Mini Vacation

Monday, October 26, 2015
The past few weeks have been rough and the next few weeks are going to be just as hectic. It's all a good crazy, but crazy none the less. So when Jordan won a free stay at a lodge in Southern Arkansas at work, we jumped on it and headed straight there the moment our schedules didn't conflict with each other.

We stayed in the super small town of Kirby, Arkansas at a resort called Self Creek. We got a cabin overlooking the lake with our own hot tub plus a day long boat rental. Overall, it was about an $800 value that we got for free. We were ecstatic!

After dropping Josie off with my folks, we hit the road.

It was a beautiful (very windy) drive. When we finally arrived, we checked out our two bedroom cabin and back deck. First of all, we had our very own hot tub. Yahoo! Second, the views around our cabin were beautiful and in all honesty, these pictures don't even get close to giving it justice.

After we got settled we decided to find somewhere to eat. However, Kirby, Arkansas only has two restaurants so we decided to drive to the next nearest town and grab some Mexican food, The remainder of the night was spent relaxing in the hot tub and a movie. 

The next morning we stopped into one of Kirby's restaurants and have a delicious breakfast, followed by some diamond hunting (where we found nothing!), a boat ride and finishing the day off with steaks on the grill, another relaxing hot tub session and The Addams Family movie. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!

The picture above was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Jordan decided to turn on some music and anchor the boat in the middle of the lake (the lake was empty that day so a major plus as well). We decided to cuddle up on the back end of the boat and lay there for awhile. It was so calm, we could feel every ounce of stress melt away!

After our mini trip, we drove through Fayetteville to pick up our pup. At first, she wasn't down for leaving my parents house (because they spoil her!). But once we got in the car, we started to feel like we were missed a little bit. ;)

She kept trying to sneak up front with Jordan and when she couldn't, she would just lay her head on his arm. Man, I love that pup!

Now that vacation is over, it's back to reality. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! More new house stuff to come soon!!!

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 16, 2015
More koozies are here! Except, not really here. They are on their way to Waverly, Iowa as I type this. They will soon be for sell in the new, wonderful shop called Maker's Market!

These are the same as my Go Hogs koozies. They are my chalk drawings turned beer holder. I've had so much fun with these. I love seeing them come to life from my chalkboard to these small black and white koozies. I hope others love them as much as I do!

Are you sensing a theme with this group of koozies? Yeah, that's because we drink beer when we tailgate so I thought these were only appropriate since it's football season! Ha!

When I stopped by the printer today to pick them up, the woman at the counter asked what I was here for. Before I could even finish saying "koozies" she throws her hands in the air and yells "BEER!" I about fell on the floor laughing!!!

So, here they are! Your next beer keeper. ;)

In other news, we stopped out at the soon to be new house tonight to get our to do list going. Before we got in the car to head back to the rental house, we stopped for a second to take in the sunset.

Josie was pretty bummed to have to go back to the rental after running around the new yard...

Now our night is being filled with a lot of couch cuddling and Netflix. Time to enjoy every beautiful minute this weekend has to bring. Have a wonderful weekend friends!


Is it November yet?

Saturday, October 10, 2015
I've never wanted an October to be over ever! But, I'm counting down the days until we can get our hands on this house and start getting some work done to make it our own. Until that time comes, I've been researching anything and everything and have the house pictured in my head exactly how I hope it will look once we are done with it.

So, to continue with the home decorating dream, I'm going to share a few more Pinspiring images that I hope we can make happen in our home.

Also, I thought I'd share a few pictures of our house! From here on out, I will continue to share images of our new home and what our plans are for each room. Here goes nothin'! :)

This is our living room. Eventually, the walls surrounding the fireplace will either be knocked down opening the kitchen to the living room or the doorways will be expanded. But for now, here is our to do list:
  • Paint walls grey/beige
  • Paint trim and doors white
  • Replace lighting
  • Replace blinds
  • Remove heat baseboards along back wall
  • Update fireplace

When it comes to the fireplace, I'm not sure what I want yet. All I know is that I promised Jordan a large, old, charm filled beam from Iowa as our mantle. As for the rest of the look of the fireplace, here are a few images I found on Pinterest that I'm leaning towards...

Decisions, decisions! :)

The second image I wanted to share of our house is one of two screened in porches. I think we will spend a lot of time here. 

Here's our to do list for this area:
  • Replace ugly carpet with a cool brick floor or wood/decking (not sure yet)
  • Long term: the outside of the house will be painted/redone which means the siding in the screened in porch will eventually change as well

As far as decorations go, I would love to take all of the string lines we had at our wedding and string them all over the ceiling, hang sheer white curtains, and bring in some homey outdoor furniture/ or hang a fun swing. Can't forget all of the candles and lanterns that will be strategically placed everywhere!

Here are a few screened in porches I found online that I like the feeling of...

Oh my gosh... seriously. Come on Novemeber!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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