We're Gonna Get Married!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
I try to be a very visual person when it comes to decor but it's hard for me. I need to see it right in front of me to actually make a decision most times. So of course my biggest concern for this wedding is that nothing will match and it will be awkward! So, to help myself out I created a wedding board. Yes, I'm that crazy! But if it will help me to breath better then I guess let's go! 

Most of the stuff is already bought or built/crafted. Other stuff is what we are doing for sure! Of course, we have other ideas but those weren't put in here. We need to save a little surprise for our wedding guests! ;)

Insert huge sigh of relief here because I'm on the right track to my wedding vision! Whew!
Hope you all have a great HUMP DAY!

Wedding bells!

Monday, January 20, 2014
I'm obsessed with saving money any way I can for this wedding. BUT I also want this to be classy and full of fun details as well. I'll admit it - I'm a minimalist (with everything but my blog designs haha!) I like neutral colors and simple decor so I thought this simple "Sign our guestbook" printable would be perfect for that small detail I'm looking for!

I want to frame this ASAP and when I do, I'll be sure to add a picture right away! But for now, here is the printable on a burlap background. (This can also be bought on my Etsy shop for only $5.00 - colors can also be altered.)

Besides that, I'm also working on making my own program for the wedding. Wish me luck!

6 months away from the big day!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Church bells ring, are ya listenin'!
(Yes - Christmas may be over but I'm still in the Christmas spirit and usually am until Valentines Day.)

My, my how time flys! It's hard to believe that we have been engaged for 9 months already. It feels like only yesterday that Jordan took me on a hike and nervously got down on one knee. Goodness he was cute!
Here's the few things I've done recently to prepare for the big day.

1. We booked the DJ
The DJ sets the tone right? Well, at least that's what I think. Other weddings I have been to that hired DJ's have just set behind their computers and pushed play. Yes, that was it! So I wanted more. Then I heard about Brock Entertainment and of course heard nothing but amazing things. Naturally, I had to book them immediately for the wedding. Lights, music, DANCING!

2. I ordered patio lights for the barn
The more lights the better! At least, that's what I think. I love Christmas lights but felt that these patio lights would be PERFECT for a Southern July barn wedding. Plus, we can use them in our own back yard. That's not all - we also got them at a great price! Thanks Target, I can always count on you!

3. We have purchased the groomsmen gifts and part of the bridesmaids gifts
Shhhh.....they can't know what they are getting! As much as I want to share I can't. I can tell you that Jordan and I really think the groomsmen will LOVE their gift!

4. We're starting to plan showers and bachelor/bachelorette party's!
Jordan and I are far from the going out and getting crazy type. I would choose a sports game over dressing up and going out any day! You give me sports and a beer and I'm one VERY happy girl. Jordan is the same. Give him a fishing pole or the chance to go hunting and that is his ultimate choice. We are meant to be.

5. We have almost all of the Save the Dates out
We still have a few to send out but for the most part they are all done. And to our surprise, we have been contacted by many who are planning on coming. THE MORE THE MERRIER! I'm so excited for guests who have never been to Fayetteville to experience it's beauty. Plus, I miss all my Iowa people more than words can explain. COME ON JULY!

6. and of course I have spent many hours on Etsy and Pinterest
I seriously think that I could plan the rest of this wedding in one day no problem. I've waited 6 years for forever with this man. July can't come fast enough!

Hope you all have a happy happy hump day!

Must be an Iowa thing?

Saturday, January 4, 2014
We're not sure but it seems as though Jello cake may be an Iowa thing? No one has heard of it down here! We can't believe they have been deprived of something so delicious. So to bring a little Iowa to the family today I made some Jello cake. If you haven't made this cake before you are truly missing out.

1 box of classic white cake mix
3 oz. box of Jello in the flavor of your choice (I use cherry)
1 tub of cool whip

This fed our family of 7 and a friend.

First, make the cake according to the box directions. Once that is baked, let it cool. While the cake is cooling, make the Jello mix and poke the cake all over (I used a straw). Next, pour the jello mixture all over the cake. It will look a little soggy but pour it all on. Refrigerate for a few hours then throw cool whip on top. Now enjoy!

Now that the recipe is posted to share, I think I'll grab myself another piece and pop in a movie!
Happy Saturday Y'all!

New year, new me!

Thursday, January 2, 2014
Jordan and I have become masters at house sitting/pet sitting! It's pretty fun actually and any way to help others out is good with us. Not only has it been fun but it's been relaxing too and has helped us remember what it's like to be just the two of us again. We haven't lived alone in over six months! Ah! That's way too long for our liking. All the house sitting and pet sitting we have been doing has also made me realize that I'm 23, engaged and need to FINALLY learn how to cook!

So, I think now that Ellie has traveled back to the North Pole until next Christmas it's time to learn. I'll keep myself pretty busy learning how to cook and bake for my future hubby!

First up, Miss Kay's Duck Commander cookbook! I've been wanting this cookbook so bad and my future sister-in-law got it for me for Christmas. (Thanks Erica! You know the way to my heart!) I figured, I live in the south, so I'm now required to know how to make some good southern cookin'. Plus, there are wild game recipes in there for the days Jordan comes home with some delicious duck.

In our house, Jordan is the cook! I can make a killer mac and cheese and cinnamon toast. Yeah - that's about it. You can survive on just that right? Seriously, I would be 85 pounds if it wasn't for Jordan because I would be living off of mac and cheese and cinnamon toast. Thank the good Lord for giving me a cookin' man! Maybe 2014 will make me a mini Miss Kay. Jordan would LOVE that!

Besides learning to cook I have a few more New Years Resolutions I want to work hard at this year.

1. Take more pictures - I'm terrible at taking pictures and really need to be better. Last year, I even went out and bought a new camera that I used only a hand full of times! Ah! Gotta get my money's worth out of that pronto.
2. Be more open to more experiences and opportunities and work the hardest I ever have at them - I think that's about as good as I can express this one. I'm far from closed minded but there have been so many amazing changes in my life recently. I want to have even more stories and memories to look back on where I can say, I did this, I worked hard at it, and this is what I accomplished!
3. Live simply but take every adventure thrown at me - I want to relax more and enjoy the moment. So instead of feeling like I did nothing on a lazy Saturday, I want to enjoy the fact that I got a day where I didn't have to do anything but enjoy the day.
4. Avoid judging others. You never know what others are going through or how they came to the decisions they did. As Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people."
5. Pray more. I try to pray every night but I need to pay more attention to growing my faith. I'm far from a church goer but if I keep my attention on God like he deserves, I believe I'm working to be a better Christian.
6. And last but certainly not least, get this body wedding ready - I have 6 months until the wedding which means I have 6 months to work my butt off and get back in shape. I tell ya, it's all that good food Jordan makes. Darn him! No more. Now I'm the cook and I'm cooking healthy or cooking so bad we decide not eating would be better! Ha!

Wish me luck everyone! I will certainly need it....especially when it comes to cooking! 
I'll keep you all posted on my burnt dishes and my yummy ones. 

Happy TGIF!

Happy New Year!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Happy New Year!
This post will be very short and sweet. 

Am I bad at updating or am I bad at updating? Ok. I'm terrible. It's been two weeks! The saddest part about all of this is that not much has happened in the past two weeks to update with.

Jordan and I traveled to Iowa for two weeks over Christmas and got to spend much needed time with family and friends. We miss them all like crazy now! Of course, I don't have any pictures of any of it to share! There is a new years resolution for myself...TAKE MORE PICTURES!

After we got home I got sick. Nothing is more annoying than me wanting to have fun and go do things and Jordan telling me to lay down and sleep. At least he takes care of me. :) Love you for that J.

Now it's back to reality for us with starting jobs and looking into home ownership. But until there is more news to share, we hope you all make great new years resolutions, keep to them and have a kick ass 2014!

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