Wedding in a Wine Bottle

Sunday, March 30, 2014
Instead of relaxing, we spent our Sunday getting ready for the big day. Thanks to our family and friends, we scavenged over 50 wine bottles to use for the wedding. The idea is to cut off the bottom of the bottles, place a tealight candle underneath (flameless) and place them up and down the big wooden stairs in the barn as a glimmering backdrop for our head table. 

We tried all the youtube video tutorials we could find but they only worked 50% of the time. Finally, we gave in and bought a tool to score the glass at Hobby Lobby for $25. However, if you download the Hobby Lobby app, they have weekly coupons of 40% off an item. Of course I remembered this last minute while waiting in line but I'm glad I did. This whole thing totaled to $17! WOO HOO!

Jordan was AMAZING and did all the scoring and hot/cold water part of the fun. If you decide to do this, score the glass outside! When you score it, tiny little pieces of glass fly off everywhere. We learned the hard way and had to vacuum and wipe down where we started like crazy. 

Then he dipped the bottle in boiling water, let it sit, then shocked it by quickly placing it in cold water filled with ice. And CRACK! The bottom where he scored popped right off. Easy peasy!

This is where my Mom and I came in to clean the labels off the bottles. Probably could've done this before scoring and popping but of course we didn't think about that until later. By that point, we didn't care and just wanted to get it done. ;) We soaked them in HOT water with dish soap and used whatever tool I found in my Dad's garage (Shh! He doesn't know. He was golfing!) to peel the labels off. There are a few that we need to take Goo Gone too but other then that, PERFECTO! 

I can't wait to use these at the wedding! Only 3 months away. COME ON JULY!!!
Happy Bottle Pop, Lock and Dropping to you all!

How "sweet" it is!

Friday, March 28, 2014
First and foremost, my Cyclones are heading into the Sweet Sixteen tonight! WOO HOO! Makes me proud to be an Iowa State Alum. Such an awesome team of hardworking men. Get 'em boys!

On another note, I did it! :-X I bought extensions for my wedding! AH!
 My hair is SO thin that when Joan (Jordan's Mom) and I practiced with updos, it was so difficult. I have no volume to my hair at all. So, I gave in and bought human hair clip in extensions. But I have to say, they look SO much better then I ever thought. Check it out!

We will have to trim them to blend in better with my short hair more but this made me very excited!

Also, I broke the rules and wore this before the big day. I couldn't help it. My aunt bought it for me last year and I have resisted the urge to wear it all day, every day but I finally cracked. I gave in. I love it and I love you Aunt Lisa!

By the way, Jordan came home and saw me wearing this and cracked up. He was only 15 minutes late from seeing me in this and trying on my extensions. ;) Ha! 

To end this Friday post, today marks exactly one year since Jordan popped the question! I wouldn't trade you, your off key singing, your hunting addiction or your blanket stealing self for anything in the world. I love you!

Have a happy Friday and a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!
And of course, GO CYCLONES!!!!

When the In-Laws Come to Town!

Sunday, March 23, 2014
Well, the house is quiet but still not clean. We miss the noise of our nephews already! Jordan's family came to visit us in Arkansas this weekend and we didn't want them to leave. Think there is any way we could talk them into moving down here? I think the only thing that is on our side is that Iowa is cold!

They arrived LATE Wednesday night. We tried to have everything ready for them so when they came they could hop right into bed. When we woke up the next morning, we did the farthest thing from relax. We showed them around Fayetteville. The football stadium, the outdoor track stadium, our wedding venue, we ate some good Southern BBQ, then the boys went fishing and the girls went shopping.

But first, we took advantage of having the indoor track all to ourselves. The boys loved it. They ran all over, got some energy out and hopefully are now Arkansas Track and Field fans! :)

Erica and Jordan got Lakin up on the pole vault pit.

He preferred laying down and jumping on it instead! ;)

Broden found the sand pit pretty quickly and rarely left it. He loved feeling the sand on his feet. 

Besides showing them around, the girls and I got A LOT of wedding stuff checked off the long to do list. Desert table is checked off, men's attire is almost checked off, and the youngin's in the wedding are almost fully ready to go. 

Having them here was so much fun and we can't wait to see them all again next month for some wedding fun! We miss you all already! COME SEE US AGAIN SOON! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

While I see all of my friends on Facebook dressing in green, wearing silly hats and drinking green beer... I'm jealous. My day was far from exciting. Well, we did do a shot at work to celebrate but that was the highlight of my day! The rest of it was work, eat dinner, clean and work some more. WOO HOO!

For the past week Jordan and I have been trying to get our house guest ready because his family is coming to visit on Wednesday. We are so excited! They will be our first guests and we can't wait to see them and show them more of Fayetteville's beauty! Let's just say, Jordan has been hanging A LOT of pictures.

The guest bedroom isn't 100% ready because his family will be bringing our second bed from Iowa, but we tried to do as much as we could until that gets here.

While the bedroom may not be ready, the bathroom certainly is! I figured as long as I could get the bathroom comfortable and ready for them it would be all good.

We also hung up a few pictures at the top of the stairs. MUCH better but not 100% complete there either! It's hard to decorate on a slim budget and with only what you already have. But I broke those rules here and bought these frames at Walmart.

Plus, I got a new wreath for the front door! I usually make my own but I really wanted a boxwood wreath and found this one cheaper than I could make it at Target. I couldn't pass it up!

It's back to work for me now folks! Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day and if you're still drinking, drink a green beer for me! 

Invitations Galore!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014
I've been MIA once again. Life has been the definition of chaotic this last week or two! Not only do I have a million things on my plate but I added one more thing.... designing and selling printable invitations! From weddings to backyard BBQ's, I'm your girl!

How did I decide on doing this? 
I'm a minimalist and I'll be the first to admit it. I've also been on the search for the perfect wedding invitation for my wedding but am having a hard time finding one I love. There are plenty I like but none that I continue to love the more I look at it. So I tried designing one myself and figured out that I wasn't half bad. Nothing spectacular but not half bad. Got the idea to do a test run with a few on Etsy and got a bite right away! I think that means I'm doing something right. Right? Ha! :)

Here are a few that I got up on the shop this week. I hope to have many more by this weekend. However, with track and field nationals going on, I may not be able to focus! ;) I'll be busy over here writing down scores to keep up with who is winning and screaming WOO PIG SOOIE as loud as I can!

In other exciting news, Jordan's family may be visiting us from Iowa next week. I'M SO EXCITED! We miss them all so much and have so much to show them while they are here. That just means I need to get the guest room put together and decorated. Pictures will follow. I promise! 
Hope you're all having a GREAT week!

Decorating with Printables!

Monday, March 3, 2014
Since moving into our new home, I've gone printable crazy on my Etsy shop. Not only that, I have gotten a lot of requested printables from customers which is great! Here are two of them which makes me think we all just need to crack open a beer right now!

**All printables can be customized when it comes to color and size. If you want to change color or size, please message me and I will get that sorted out right away.

If you want one, they are now on the Etsy shop. All printables are only $2-3 depending on size but until Friday, I am rewarding anyone that follows my blog with a 15% discount when you use coupon code OURDAILYDOSE

What are you waiting for? You know your home needs a beautifully framed printable ;)

Home Sweet Home!

Sunday, March 2, 2014
It's official! We are moved in, organized, decorated and loving our new home. Renting wasn't our first option but we love this adorable french/country townhouse until we find our perfect home to buy. It's a 2 bedroom 2 1/2 bath. Plus, Jordan always wanted a green house and I love the idea of shutters. Win-win!

So here it is. Our new home!

The front door.

The living room is not finished being decorated. Above the couch is too bare.  Besides that, it's SO CLOSE to being done! We also have a fireplace here but it's not finished being decorated either. I'll be sure to post a picture once that is done. ;)

Our master bedroom

The half bath on the first floor.

All that's left is the guest bedroom, bathroom and master bathroom. Even with that, I think we came a long way this weekend. I feel like I haven't sat down but it was well worth it. It's starting to feel like home! 

For now, we are enjoying our snow/sleet day in catching up on Duck Dynasty and finishing up the last of our unpacking. Hope you all are have a great Sunday!

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