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Saturday, August 16, 2014
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know, I know. I've been terrible at blogging the past couple months. In my defense, there has been quite a bit going on. Life seems to get crazy at the craziest times but it's a good kind of crazy so I guess that's ok.

Besides the fact that we have been married for over a month now (yay!), I wanted to share a few pictures from our Honeymoon.

No, we didn't do the stereotypical beach honeymoon. As much as we would've enjoyed that, that's just not us. We have a bucket list as a couple and on our bucket list is to visit every state in this great country of ours. So, we started with the great state of Louisiana for our honeymoon. New Orleans; our new favorite place to visit!

Since we are only 10 hours away in Arkansas, we drove. It was so fun just driving the two of us and finally getting to call each other "husband" and "wife." We were like two lovebird highschoolers who just started dating. 

Also, for those of you that know Jordan and I well know that we like to play things by ear. Especially vacations! That's the only way to do it! So we didn't plan ANYTHING! We slept in every day and explored until we found something we wanted to do.

The first night there, we arrived at about 8pm. We decided to stay in for the night, eat dinner at the very nice (very expensive) hotel restaurant and relax.

Of course we slept in every morning, decided to explore restaurants, museums, shops and loved the fact that you could drink and walk around. Can you say Margarita Monday every day?

Jordan loved this trick in one of the museums we explored. We thought it was a display until we found that it opened and was really a bathroom. Ha!

The further South you get, the more amazing the trees get. We couldn't get over all the beautiful trees surrounding us.

Another day involved an air boat ride through the swamp, an alligator crawling into our boat, holding a baby alligator and the oldest plantation house in the Mississippi valley.

We made friends with some of the locals...

I loved the plantation house. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

We enjoying our last day with breakfast delivered to our room, some famous beignets from Cafe Du Monde (delicious!) and some last day exploring, shopping and drinking. Then finished our last night off with a little wine, music and relaxation! 

Can you say best getaway Honeymoon ever? I can! It was so us and we're already talking about another New Orleans visit. May become a new Anniversary tradition?! :) We'll see.

Hope you're all having a great weekend!
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