A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
First and foremost, I applaud all of you Mom's out there and especially my Mama. You are amazing people!

Staying with and watching our friends two youngin's have really made us ready to be parents. It has been so fun but I'm slightly sleep deprived. HAHA! And I know I said this in my last post but JORDAN WILL MAKE THE BEST DAD! He loves cuddling and playing with the boys, helps with anything and everything, offers to get up with them in the middle of the night, steals them from me after bath time (he says he loves "bath babies!" haha), and he changes diapers! Only potty ones for now but he's farther than a lot of other men. ;)

To our friends: YOU HAVE THE BEST KIDS EVER! These boys are so funny and so sweet. This past week has just flown by. In fact, Jordan said to me the other day, "What are we going to do after this?" haha. Uh, what we did before...sleep! ;)

Yesterday was Jordan's birthday so to celebrate he wanted to sit outside, grill some good 'ole Iowa food and drink a beer. And that is just what he got! God really blessed me with a laid-back man and I'm very grateful for that. 

Today I worked from home which was so nice. As chaotic as everything has been lately, I feel like I get so much more done while I'm comfy in my sweats with my sweet tea in hand. While Jones was asleep for a nap, it was extra nice to look over to the other side of the couch today and see this.

Wednesday is a big day for Jordan and I. We move into our first place here in Arkansas. Until I get pictures of our new home to post, I'll leave you with a picture of Jax as what Jordan calls, a bath baby! Notice who is holding him? ;)

Have a happy Wednesday!

Chaotic? Crazy? Call it what you want; it's fun!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
I have been MIA for the last week but it's for exciting reasons. Some great family friends are out of state adopting their third baby! To help, we are staying at their place watching their two young ones. We went from no babies to two under the age of two in 2.2 seconds. See what I did there? ;) Even though it's been crazy, it's been so fun. Let's just say, Jordan will make the best Dad ever.

The first day was so beautiful that we spent almost all day outside.

Jordan and Jax are BFF's.

And little Jones has started taking his PJ's off and then puts them back on and laughs when I say, "Whatcha doin' crazy boy!" Seriously, I loved these kids before but I'm even more attached now. I can't wait to meet the newest addition to this wonderful family!!! 

While chaos has been stirring, we also signed off on a lease to a townhome this week. Woo hoo! That means you have a place to stay when you come to visit Iowa friends and family! :) In other words, GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE SOON! We miss you all.

Move in date is very close. I will be sure to take pictures of our first home in Arkansas together and post a few. Until then, I'm taking this time to sit back, relax and get my Big Bang Theory fix while the boys are fast asleep.
Goodnight all!

Checking off the Check List

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
As I posted a few weeks ago, we are having our rehearsal dinner at my parents house. They have a list of things they want done by July. So to help, we wrote it all down and after this weekend checked three big things off that list! Three rooms in the house were painted. The hardest room by far was the dining room. The walls went from a brown/tan to a light airy grey. Perfect color for my parents.

Jordan and Dad were the only ones brave enough to get up on the 20 foot ladder to paint the tall walls and ceilings. Mom and I kept to painting as high as our tip toes would allow. (Grandma Case - I heard your gasp! Pretent you didn't see this picture! ;) Haha!)

The fish tank hole is filled and Mom was starting to trim. It looks SO much better without that big annoying hole. Lookin' good Mom! ;)

And now it's finished! All let's left are the decorations. Mom has ordered the rug she wants and they are looking into getting a bigger dining room table to fit the room better. I'll be sure to post a finished picture when the time comes. 

While my parents are getting the house wedding ready, I'm trying to literally get the wedding ready!

After a long day at work, I came home and found a package waiting for me. First of all, I love getting mail so when I saw a package with my name on it in Jordan's Mom's handwriting I got excited. I opened it up and low and behold, wedding fun!

She made that! Gettin' crafty! :) I love love love it. In all honesty, she will probably laugh at me if she reads this but I got a little teary eyed. (Yes I did Joan! Ha!) This gift made my day. I can't wait to put it to use.

Now I'm off to search for potential wedding invitations and purchase bridesmaids gifts. 
Hope you all are having a great week. Only three more days until the weekend. 
In our world that means only three more days until another track meet. Woo Pig Sooie!

Ice, Ice Baby!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Yet another ice day here in good ole Fayetteville, Arkansas. Can you believe that? It's crazy to think that my brother and sister might have to go to school until about the wedding. Ha. Let's hope that's not the case.

When I woke up early this morning, this is what our windows looked like! It was nuts. You couldn't even see out the window it was so iced over. I bet they had about a quarter to half an inch of ice caked on them. It was slightly relaxing and very creepy all at the same time. Plus, it also helped me from getting distracted by looking out the window while I was working. ;)

Honestly, I'm so thankful that my job allowed me to work from home. I got so much done today sitting in my comfy bed, in my sweats with my Si cup full of sweet tea in my hand. Big thumbs up there! I could get used to that. :)

Now that my rough (I mean that in the most sarcastic tone ever) day is over, my plan is to organize all the documents and pictures I have on my lap top. Maybe I'll even get a few more wedding things done. 
Yes, I know I'm a very boring person but someones gotta get it done.

And since the kids don't have school yet AGAIN tomorrow, we're going to sit down with my family and watch a movie tonight. Might as well throw in some rootbeer floats. Man, it's a hard knock life.

Hope you're all keeping warm and out of this nasty ice! :)

How to Add Social Networking Tabs to Your Blogger Blog

Sunday, February 2, 2014
Blogging has taught me HTML coding over and over again. Small things really but coding none the less. And to be honest, it's about time I have some cute social networking tabs on here for you to click on.

Well, after about an hour or two of research, I found the easiest way to do it. Because of that, I'm going to make it as easy on you as possible. 

You ready? Here we go!

I got mine from Etsy.com but there are free tabs all over the internet you can download.

This was a little tough for me. The ones I downloaded didn't automatically save as jpg files and I couldn't right click and save them as such either. So how did I do it? Probably the hard way but at least it worked!

Take a screen shot of the tabs one by one (on a PC it's FN + PRTSN (Print Screen)) Paste the screen shot into Paint.

Now crop the tab and save it as a jpg file

Add the tabs as photos in your About Me page. Once you do that, publish the page. Now, leave them alone. You'll come back to them. I promise! ;)

While your cute tabs are sitting in your About me, go into your homepage of Blogger. Click on "Layout" then click on "Add a Gadget"


Once that window opens, copy in your coding. It will look a lot like this. If you are adding multiple tabs, be sure each tab has this coding.

This is where we go back to your About Me page. Click on "View Blog" and go to your About Me page. Right click on the image, then click on "Copy Image URL."

Go back to the open HTML window where your coding is and paste over the TAB LINK.

Now you have the tab you want. All that is left to do is copy and paste the link you want it to open. For example, when you click on my Pinterest Tab I want it to take you to my Pinterest page. So I put the link to my Pinterest page where "YOUR LINK" is.

After you have done that, you are ready to push "save" and enjoy your new cute tabs!

To center your tabs, add in <center> in the HTML window as well.

Hope this helps! It certainly added a little extra something to my blog! :)
Happy Coding!

Your Wedding Questions Answered!

Saturday, February 1, 2014
I love all the questions and nice comments! They seriously make my day. And to my surprise, there have been some frequently asked questions in the past few weeks about the wedding. So to make it easy, I thought I would address them all here. :)

What is your wedding budget?
My parents wanted to pay for most of it so we made a deal. They offered up $10,000 and said that whatever we don't use we can keep. In fact, my Mom was sweet and asked, "Is 10 ok?" and I said "Yes! We can definitely work with that!" This is where Jordan turned to me in shock and said, "Courthouse here we come!" But I just couldn't do that. I need my girly wedding! From that point on, I made it my mission to only spend what my parents gave us but still make this a classy and fun wedding. If you need any tips, refer back to my 10 Wedding Budget Tips post.

Where did you get your bouquet?
I found it on Morgann Hill Designs  Etsy shop. After I decided I wanted silk flowers, I searched all over Etsy for the perfect bouquet and found it. It's mostly peonies (which would cost a bundle for real flowers) and was only $89! Can you believe that? I'm still in shock. Not only is that saving me lots of money as well but I get to keep them forever without them crumbling!

Is Jordan interested in all of the wedding planning?
This question cracked me up! Yes. Well, as much as a man can be interested in wedding planning. To keep him involved, I put him in charge of what he would consider the most important part of the wedding. Yes - the beer.

Where did you get your bridesmaids dresses?
I found them on Modcloth. There were only a handful left when I found them so I had to act fast. I wanted something unique and fun, then I found these. Originally $175 and I found them on sale for $50! I think I deserve the "Best Bride" award from my Bridesmaids for that one. Huh girls? :)

Where are you getting married?
It's an adorable barn here in Fayetteville, Arkansas called Pratt Place Barn. It sits on 15 acres of land and it's BEAUTIFUL. Jordan and I saw the barn years ago and both fell in love with it. I will admit, we did look at a few wedding venues before looking at Pratt Place. However, the second we walked into the barn we both looked at each other and said, "Yep. This is it!" 

After looking through emails and Facebook messages, I think that covers them all! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have anymore questions. I love getting mail! ;) Thanks all! You're the best.
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