Meet Kelsey

I met my husband our senior year of high school at a football game. We were quickly fond of each other and spent the next two weeks by each others side until Jordan finally got the guts to ask me to be his girlfriend.

Seven years later, we decided to make it forever and got married in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Why Arkansas? Because that's where I was born until I moved up to Iowa when I was a kid. Thank goodness I did or I would've never met Jordan; a born and raised Iowan! After graduating from Iowa State University together, Jordan and I decided it was time to get my butt back to Arkansas.

That's how this blog began.

Between our two large families and our group of friends, the easiest way to keep them all updated with our life in Arkansas is by sharing through my blog.

I'm just enjoying the Mom Life with a glass of wine, a few choice words and a lot of side commentary.

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