Halloween Printable Time!

Sunday, September 28, 2014
It's almost that time of year and I couldn't be more excited! This also means that it's time to fill my Etsy shop with lots of fun Halloween printables and because of this I wanted to share a few I have up on the shop as of now.

Starting now until the end of October, you will be able to apply coupon code HOCUSPOCUS to get 20% all of my printables! Take advantage of this folks! I don't do coupon codes very often since my printables are so cheap as it is. :)

'Tis Near Halloween Printable

I'm using a few of my own printables to decorate my house this week! Hope you all are dusting off the scary Halloween decorations and putting them in their place! 

Bikes, Blues & lots of BBQ

Saturday, September 27, 2014
This weekend, thousands of bikers are in town for Bikes, Blues and BBQ. It's basically a smaller Sturgis. Besides the traffic, it's been a blast! I've never seen so many bikes in one place. Even when we're laying in bed at night all you hear are the loud motors all over the roads. And I'm never complaining when my weekend is full of blues and BBQ! 

Ray just had to be inside a Sweet Baby Ray's bottle!

Not only is the town full of bikers this weekend but my Dad's birthday is tomorrow and it was my sisters birthday last weekend. Lauren hit the big 21 and Dad is hitting the big 25, right Dad?! These are the first birthdays in almost 7 years that I get to spend living in the same town as my sister and Dad. I couldn't be more excited! Here's to lots of birthday cheers and many more years!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

Friday Fall Favorites!

Friday, September 19, 2014
Fall is officially here. Living in the South, it's not as chilly as I would like but that doesn't stop me from dressing in my fall wear. In fact, I'm in need of some new fall clothes! (Shh! Don't tell Jordan!) Since I won't get a chance to run out and see what fun fall clothes are out in stores until this weekend, I started shopping around online. Here are a few of the favorites I came across.

My bank account may or may not like me after this weekend.
Hope you all are sporting your beautiful fall colors!

Four Simple Steps to Creating a Kickass Blog Button

Monday, September 15, 2014
Here's my how to when it comes to adding a blog button to your blog for others bloggers to grab for their blog. That was a test to see how many times I could use "blog" in one sentence. Success! :) Ha!

I did a lot of research to create my blog button and I wanted to make it easy on others by putting all the research that I used into four easy steps. So, here goes nothing!

Step 1: Create the image you want to use for your button
After looking and playing around with many sites, I found that picmonkey.com is by far the easiest and best site to use for this step. Go crazy with it! Create what you want the image to look like. Once you have created the image you want it to show, save it to your computer.

PicMonkey Instructions:
1. Go to picmonkey.com
2. Click on design at the top
3. Design away! 
4. Don't forget to resize it to how you want it to look on your blog.
5. Save to your computer as a jpg

Side Note: I created mine in Word then uploaded it to picmonkey and saved it to my computer as a jpg. This is an option if you want a more personalized design.

Step 2: Upload your image anywhere!
I know that sounds ridiculous but you just need to upload it to something to grab the url link. Once it's uploaded, right click and select "copy url link." Past it somewhere and save it! You're going to need it in the next step!

Side Note: I uploaded mine to my Google+ account. BTW, you don't need to share it, just upload it, grab the URL and X out! Easy peasy! :)

Step 3: Onto to the code!
Remember that Image URL I had you save in the last step? You're going to need it here! It looks way more overwhelming than it actually is. I promise! Plus, I tried to make it as easy as possible on you. Copy and paste this and plug your information in where the red text is and VOILA! You now have your code! 

<img src="YourImageLink" alt="oddc" /><div style="width: 125px; height: 125px; overflow: auto; border: 1px solid #666666;">&lt;a href=";YourBlogLink"; target=";_self";&gt;&lt;img src=";YourImageLinkAgain"; alt=";YourBlogTitle"; width=";125"; height=";125"; /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;</div>

Plug that information in you coding guru you! 

Step 4: Add it to your blog!
If you are using blogger, go into your template, add a gadget, add HTML and paste your code that you got done making in step 3 into the text box. 

Click on layout

Click on "Add a Gadget"

Click on HTML/JavaScript

Now add in that code and click save because you are DONE!

It should have an image and a text box with the code for others to copy and paste and should look a little something like this once you save it. 

Not working? Try this!
  • Check your quotation marks! Blogger can't use curved quotation marks. It can only handle the straight, small ones. If you have a larger curved quotation mark, delete it and replace it with another quotation mark. Don't worry! When you retype the quotation mark, Blogger will make it how it likes 

Did you have a problem and can't seem to figure out where you went wrong? Reach out to me! I'd be happy to help! :)

It's (finally) Tailgating Season!

Sunday, September 14, 2014
Get your lawn chairs, grills and cooler scooters out y'all! It's tailgating season and my favorite time of the year! The colors, smells, and of course HALLOWEEN are some of my favorite things. Is it too soon to start decorating and watch Hocus Pocus over and over again?

Ok, I may not have many fall decorations out just yet but we have had our fair share of tailgating so far. We got to tailgate in Ames with family for the first Iowa State game of the year. It was so fun getting to see everyone and how much Ames has changed since we graduated. The game didn't go well but it was a good time none the less.

The following weekend we got to cheer on our Razorbacks with my family! It was a big win and felt amazing to call those hogs with thousands of other people not looking at me like I'm a total freak. Woo pig sooie!

Besides all the tailgating, I think I've got a little stomach bug. :( So it's back to football, Big Brother and lounging around on the couch with my big mug of ice water and my favorite bright pink medicine for me.

Hope your weekend was a ball! (See what I did there?)

Our Wedding Part 2

Thursday, September 11, 2014
I think I have a design problem. I can't seem to pick a design I love for my blog. I find it fun to mess around with the colors, fonts, pictures, etc. I totally should've studied design in college. Ugh! Typical that I find what I love a year after graduating! HA!

Anywho...here are a few more pictures from our wedding. Obviously I'm only sharing a fraction of my favorites because we had a million pictures at the end of it all. By the way, this was very hard and took a while to do because I love all of our pictures and our photographer ROCKS!

I have the best Mom and Dad in the world! Hands down! I can't begin to tell you how amazing they both are. From day one they have supported my crazy, opinionated self. They have taught me everything I know from writing my name, to driving a car, to picking the right man to spend the rest of my life with. My parents definitely helped me to have high standards when it came to who I surrounded myself with. They have laughed with me, cried with me and even told me when I was being ridiculous (everyone needs that from time to time!) No matter what, they always had my back and have turned into friends more than parents. I told you I have that best parents in the world! :) I love you both to the moon and back!

When Jordan found out that I got gifts for my parents and his parents, he got upset with me that I was going to make him look bad. I told him it's a Bride thing but he insisted on writing my parents a letter. Not only as a gift but to reassure my parents that their first and oldest daughter is in good hands. They are laughing here because of course he had to end the letter with "Woo Pig Sooie!" That's how we do it in our family! :)

Some of our favorite people! Not to be all gushy but these people are the best people in the world. They have been such an amazing support system throughout our 7 year relationship. Not only that but they laugh with us more than anyone. Laughter is extremely important in life and they take that to the next level. We love you guys!

Jordan and his main men.

From left to right: Janae, Krissi, Lauren, Charlie, Regan, Kara and Erica
My chosen family! Even though two of them (cough cough Kara and Janae) thought I seemed mean when they first met me, they got past my Bitchy Resting Face (that's a thing - look it up!) and ended up being two of my best friends. Krissi has been my best friend for 14 years. I can't imagine life without her. We may not talk every day but when we see each other, it's like we never missed a beat.

The other three are literally family but I would still choose them any day! :) Love you all!

My amazing family.

My wonderful in-laws.

I have always considered these four wonderful kids my niece and nephews but now I'm officially their Aunt. I'm a lucky one! 

We took a picture of my Mom from her wedding and I imitated it. It's got a special place in my heart. 

The left is one of my all time favorite pictures from the day because it really catches us in the moment. The one of just me is one of Jordan's favorite. I love that man!

Ladies, eat your hearts out! This is my new nightstand picture. It's Jordan through and through. You can see the amazing amount of poise and confidence he has. His coolness factor out does anyone I know.

My awesome little brother and sister when they did their wedding party entrance into the reception. I love this picture only because it is one of the few that we catch those two not picking on each other. Look Mom, we have proof to show them someday that they did love each other! ;) All kidding aside, these two are some of the most annoyingly hilarious, best people I get to call family. Cam - don't shake your head like you're totally cool. And Ray - don't go "I know I'm awesome, right?."  ;) HA! I love you bothhhh!

My sister will kill me for posting this one of her crying during her Maid-of-Honor speech but I love it only because it shows how proud I am of her. We give each other a hard time about almost anything and everything but no matter what, we will always be the others biggest fan. Love you, you clothes stealing, hair pulling, mean mugging little sister of mine. :)

Jordan's Best Man and one of our closest friends, Nick. I grabbed this one to show because I love how Jordan and Nick have such a solid friendship. These two men are two of the strongest, funniest, most annoying men of all time but that is why we love them, right Janae?! ;) We're two pretty lucky ladies!

Jordan with my Grandpa. I LOVE this picture. The day went by so fast that we didn't get to sit down and mingle with guests like we wanted to but Jordan took some time from his crazy night to sit and chat with my Grandpa. That meant the world to me. His love for my family makes me adore him more than I ever thought possible.

I love this picture of my Dad watching my sister give her toast. He's a man of very few words but this picture says it all. I adore my Dad and love his love for his family. My Mom and I always laugh about how much alike him and Jordan are. They say you marry a man like your Father. I definitely did and I'm so glad.

As if two sisters weren't enough, now I have two more! Seriously, when I say I'm a lucky one, I mean it. I'm blessed to have two sister-in-law's that I can talk to about almost anything and turn to for advice and support even if that means I'll get a, "You're being crazy Kelsey!" on the other line. Their honesty and goofiness is something I love and look forward to when we get a chance to spend time together. Love you two!

We are missing a few people here but this is my Mom's side of the family. The craziest, funniest, loudest bunch of people you will ever meet! Family vacations are like you've never seen before and something I look forward to every year. Once we leave the lake the countdown to next year begins. This group may be the craziest but they are definitely some of the most supportive people ever. Each one I'm close to. I'm beyond blessed to have Aunt's who are like older sisters, uncles who are like annoying older brothers, cousins who are like goofy little siblings and Grandparents who love old movies and music as much as me and will always take my side even when I'm annoyingly wrong. I love you all to pieces!

We were missing a few here as well but this is my Dad's side of the family. They are some of the goofiest, most supportive and funniest group there ever was. We spend hours sitting around my Grandma's dining room table talking politics, laughing and of course drinking lots of coffee and eating lots of sweets. It's a norm in the Case house! I live for those evenings and miss them more than ever now that we've moved. I'm beyond lucky to have Aunt's who are more sarcastic than me, uncles who I adore, cousins who I consider friends and a Grandma who I talk to for hours on end, who loves everything old and antique like me and who always has childhood pictures and videos on hand. I love you all to bits!

Father/Daughter dance. In case you were wondering, we're laughing at my Mom for crying for the millionth time! We give her a hard time cause she's such a crier! :)

I can't say what they were laughing about but I love this picture of Jordan and his Mom. We joke that he is a Momma's boy but to be honest, Momma's boys are the best. (Shh. Don't tell my sister-in-law I said that!) You can tell a lot about a man by how he treats his Mother. :)

I love this picture of Jordan's parents. I know I've used the word lucky a lot in this post but we truly are blessed to have grown up with such amazingly strong and loving parents. 

Our first dance of the night.....

.....and our last dance of the night.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into the best day of our lives!
Until next time... :)

May our love be modern enough to survive the times and old enough to last forever!

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