My First Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
I haven't posted in awhile. February was a bad month. March was a busy month. April was my "let's just sit and relax for a minute" month and now I'm back.

A lot has happened since I last posted. Eloise is now 6 months old. How is the hell is that even possible!

Also, is it too early to start planning for her awesome Halloween birthday party? I may or may not have a Pinterest board full of ideas already.

Even with all the change and running around though, I'm still amazed by Eloise. It's been six months and I still stare at her like I did when she was only hours old.

I'm amazed that I get to be her Momma! I'm not trying to be dramatic and add a little flare. I genuinely look at her every day and can't believe she's all mine.

My first Mother's day has now come and gone. It was perfect.

I woke up to flowers and a card from Eloise and lots of cuddles...even Josie jumped in! We poured ourselves a big cup of coffee (Ellie got a bottle) and we sat out on the screened in porch and watched Josie run around like a crazy dog.

Jordan got yard work done that we have been procrastinating on and I got house work done that I've been trying to get to. Everyone except me took a nap at one point.

It was ribs and margaritas for dinner, cuddles and lots of kisses and the day ended with a movie.

It may not have been the most exciting day but it was my perfect day spent with the people that mean the world to me.

I hope you all had a perfect Mother's day as well.

Next on our fixer upper to do list...our hall bathroom and the screened in porch. Pictures to come!
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